Natural freeze-dried pet snack

In March of this year, the Global Association of Pet Producers (APPA) released a survey of the relationship between pet owners and their pets: more than 80 percent of owners regard their pets as family members or friends and are willing to meet their pets' physical and emotional needs. Pet owners are more willing to buy natural and healthy pet food with high nutritional value, and innovative products can attract more of their consumption desire.

Lyophilization is a process in which food is dehydrated in a vacuum at extremely low temperatures. Water is directly converted from solid to gaseous state without sublimation. When the freeze-drying process is applied to pet food, its nutritional value can be retained to the maximum extent, and there is little difference between color, taste, volume and texture and the quality of food raw materials.

Pet freeze-drying can also be classified into daily freeze-dried food and freeze-dried snacks. Daily freeze-dried food is generally composed of various meat and bone , viscera and nutrients, which can replace cat food as the staple food. Freeze-dried snacks generally have a single raw material and retain the original texture of food. For example, chicken breast, duck breast and spring fish are made of 100% pure meat. They are high in protein and have various flavors, various nutrients and good hydrating effect.

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