Do you know all this about pet nutrition plus gel?

With the development of society, pets are more and more demanding of life. Now the simple dog food cat food has been unable to meet the daily nutrition needs of pets, so more and more excrement managers pay great attention to the supplement of pet nutrition in the process of feeding, so nutrition cream has become the first choice of many excrement managers.


Nutrition cream, as the name implies, is a kind of cream supplement for pets. It is a health supplement, not a necessity. Mainly help pets to improve the growth efficiency and body resistance to disease, reduce the risk of some diseases. For those weak, elderly pets, surgery, pet physical recovery after disease and anemia, the need to improve the immunity of the pet is to eat nutrition cream to supplement the body must be nutritious. At the same time, it can also be used as a daily nutritional supplement, fur health and appetite regulation.


 When does pet need to eat nutrition plus gel


1. Pet pregnancy and childbirth period, serious pregnancy sickness;

2. Pets suffer from digestive diseases and need no infusion on an empty stomach;

For example: the recovery of common diarrhea needs to be kept on an empty stomach, especially the baby pets are prone to hypoglycemia, but they can not eat food otherwise it will aggravate diarrhea. At this time, nutritional plus gel can be fed to prevent hypoglycemia, and it will not cause gastrointestinal burden. It is easier to operate and simpler than making rice porridge.

3. Mini varieties (Chihuahua, deer dog, teacup teddy, etc.) pet in childhood, especially prone to hypoglycemia, essential nutritional cream, lick at any time to avoid hypoglycemia;

4. for partial food, weak and other malnourished pets;

5. Travel with pets, bumpy road, easy to cause gastrointestinal stress, and carsickness, can not eat, the road can bring some nutritional gel;

6. Growth period of young pets, large daily consumption of adult pets, poor appetite caused by weather reasons, when the elderly gastrointestinal function is low, as well as diseases, surgery after the recovery period of pets;

7. Other dietary requirements during illness.

 Common ingredients and effects of pet nutrition plus gel


Different brands of pet nutrition cream have different ingredients and content, but generally speaking, pet nutrition cream contains the following ingredients:


1. Various vitamins and minerals


Many kinds of vitamins in the pet body, such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, D and folic acid, niacin, etc., need to be supplemented by feeding food by the owner; There are also minerals such as ferrous lactate and calcium pantothenate, which prevent anemia and strengthen pets' bones.


2. Lecithin


Lecithin, known as lecithin, is known as the "third nutrient" alongside protein and vitamin, mainly from soybean, animal liver and egg yolk. Due to the high content of phosphatidylcholine in egg yolk lecithin, it is rich in saturated fatty acids and has stronger oxidation stability. Lecithin is the basic substance of life and can be used to protect the health of pets' fur.


3. Taurine


Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid in the animal body, but not a protein component, also known as choline, bovine bile. Taurine is an active substance that regulates normal physiological activities of the body, and has a wide range of biological functions such as maintaining normal visual function, lowering blood glucose, regulating nerve conduction, increasing cardiac contractility, improving immunity, enhancing the antioxidant capacity of cell membrane and protecting cardiac cells. If fed a diet deficient in taurine, it can cause retinal degeneration in cats, and blindness in cats over a long period of time.


4. Fish oil,


The omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in fish oil mainly come from Marine organisms and are closely related to the functions of the nervous system and cardiovascular system. Proper supplementation of pets can improve their fur health.


5. Other nutrients such as calcium and protein


Calcium, protein, etc. are indispensable nutrients for pets, which are very necessary for pet bone development and physical health.


 Feeding suggestions for pet nutrition plus gel


The dosage of nutrition gel is to need shovel excrement officer to control, had better be according to the use manual of nutrition gel scientific feeding. Under the condition of ensuring the quality of staple food, supplement nutritional gel on time. Most pet nutrition gel, pets generally feed 5-7 cm every day. The amount of feeding is different according to the size of pets. It is generally recommended that pets with a weight of less than 5kg be fed 4cm every day. Pets weighing between 5kg and 10kg are fed 8cm a day; Pets weighing between 10kg and 30kg are fed 12cm a day; Pets weighing more than 30kg are fed 18cm a day.


Only scientific feeding nutrition gel, when the pet body condition, good use, so as to help their body recovery, can play the real "power" of nutrition gel.

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